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Friday, April 8, 2011

as the world turns

ok so pay no mind to that title...I just had to put something there.

Fellow Travelers,

I have been reading this awesome book, and it talks about not letting your love grow cold. And one of the ways this happens is when bitterness and unforgiveness (google chrome thinks that is not a word?) is allowed take root in your heart. Now we all know that those are bad things, but a powerful statement the author makes is this:
The people who possess the kingdom of God in its reality are people who overcome the obstacles of each other's faults.
That just really struck me. Something about the fact that he doesn't try to make it seem like it will be easy, and also that the goal is not to kind just for kindnesses sake. Rather he says that we have to "overcome" the faults of others, and that the result of doing this is not just making people feel good, but we possess the KINGDOM of GOD! That is totally worth it!

And what makes it even better is that we don't overcome these faults by our own will power, but by choosing to let God soften our hearts. By turning our hearts to God we allow His love to fill us, and that love is what helps us overcome each other's faults, and when we do that, we experience the Kingdom of God in the most real ways!

So I guess what I am taking away from this is that I do not want to let mt love grow cold, and that my best defense to is soak up as much of God's love as possible.

Heres to overcoming!

Happy Trials,