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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Team Whiting Adventure: Episode 1

Episode 1: Adventure at Chuck E. Cheese

So today was a Whiting Man Day. The boys and I set out for Chuck E. Cheese with a coupon for more coins then we could ever use, and a desire for fun.
Everything was going great. Judah was pretending to drive race cars and Elijah was busy putting 4 coins into games that only need one...but little did we know what wild times were ahead.

You see, Judah needed to go to the bathroom (Yeah for potty training!). Unfortunately, when I asked him if he needed to "sit down" or "stand up", he told me stand up...he should have told me sit down.
To save you a mental picture you would rather not see, lets just say that he ended up needing new pants, underwear and socks. And guess what dad forgot to bring? BINGO, the bag with extra clothes.

So here I am, in the bathroom with a boy sitting on a toilet, with no pants to wear (no clean pants), and my other son is out playing games. What would you do?
I know what I would do...because it is what I did. I went and asked if they had any lost and found clothes I could borrow. They did, a jacket. Thanks Chuck E Cheese lady. So I place the oversized jacket on Judah, just big enough to be acceptable, just short enough to be obvious that something is missing.

I grab Elijah and we walk across the parking lot to Burlington Coat Factory. We must have looked so strange, there I was walking with one son who had on a long-sleeve soccer jersey, shorts, and snow boots and another son wearing just a big jacket...yeah, we got some strange looks. 
I found the cheapest shorts I could, and picked up some Diego underwear (of course Elijah wanted me to get the Power Ranger ones). We pay, and as we are walking out the store I accidentally knock the cup of Chuck E Cheese coins and spill most of them on the sidewalk. I inform Judah (who has yet to be dressed) to not bend down to help, and Elijah and I quickly gather our booty.

We make it to the van, dress the boy, and return to Chuck E. Cheese for 10 more minutes of fun.
We finish our adventure at Wendy's (we did not get pizza at Chuck E. case you were wondering), where upon hearing that a friend of mine was sick, Elijah immediately says "Lets pray right now for him" which we do, and then head home for that is a great way to end an adventure.

Go Team Whiting!

Lesson of the story?


oh, and we have a lot of coins keep an eye out for Episode 2: Clash of the Skeeballs

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