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Friday, August 19, 2011

I let the boat do the work

Fellow Travelers,

The past month or so has been a really interesting time. We have seen God do amazing things, and He has called us to really rely on Him, more so then we probably have had to in our entire lives.

This morning I was just praying and thinking about how crazy it is, the way God has continually encouraged me to wait and trust Him to bring what we need. And then I had this hilarious realization...its like I am sailing:

And just like Bob, I am learning to let go of the shore, where I can feel in control, and I am can "see" fruit for "my" labor. But in the end I have to come to the same conclusion that Bob does, my secret is not that I am a good sailor, my secret is that I let the boat do all the work.

So as you see us sail off on our journey to Portugal, and beyond, all I can say is "Ahoy! I sail, I'm a sailor!" But only because I am on a really good boat.

Happy Trails,


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