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Monday, September 12, 2011

Book Review: Don't Get Suckered - How to survive college debt free and with your shirt

I just got finished reading "Don't Get Suckered" by Josh Lawson.
In DGS, you will find many helpful tips and skills for living a life debt free. The first half primarily deals with how to attend college without accruing debt, but the later half pertains to anyone, and has some excellent tools for living a life financially free from debt.

My initial reaction was one of regret. I graduated from college many years ago, and I had college debt. If I had been told all these things 12 years ago, how different would things have been. Even so, I would highly recommend this book to anyone, but definitely it will do the most good for someone who is still in high school. I would recommend though, if you are giving it to a high schooler, don't hand this to them and expect them to read and implement this lessons in this book on their own. The ideas shared are not the norm in our culture and it would be wise to walk through this book with them.

Despite the fact that it is too late for me to go through college debt free, there are still many tools and mindsets that I can use in my family today in this book. And Josh doesn't just share good information, he also delivers it with humor and without making it too serious. It is a fast read, but one that you will want to highlight and go over again and again as you set your financial life straight!

Don't get suckered into thinking you don't need what this book has, get it and read it today!

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