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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

For it pleased our Father

Fellow travelers,

In Ted Dekkers "The Circle Series", he describes this future world where the Spiritual is made plain to the natural. In it those who are not "saved" have scabs all over their bodies, and they smell rotten. To be cleansed you must dive into one of the pools of Elyon and die, breathe in the blood red water. At first there is pain, and fear, but it quickly turns into exhilaration and excitement as you realize that you are not dead, but rather more alive then you ever thought you could be!

I got this picture today of God smother me with His love, like when my boys cover me with the couch pillows and cushions. They keep pile them on top, even though they can no longer see me. It gets to the point where even as I reach up, all I find are more pillows. God was saying He wants to cover me so deep in His love that even if I were to reach out for something else, all I would find is His love.

In both of these thoughts the main idea is being completely surrounded and enveloped by God and His love. God is an all or nothing God. He will not accept only part of us, His passion is to see us WHOLLY His, and wholly made whole. (lots of wholliness) He does not rest until we are completely saturated with Him, inside and out.

So dive in, let His love fill your lungs, and just when you think they will burst, you will find yourself surrounded by a sea of cushions, floating there you will be completely and totally at a loss, because you will be lost in Him.

Happy Trails,


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