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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Paradox of Love

Fellow travelers,

Have you ever heard of the Triple Point?
It is this crazy thing where if you have the right pressure and temperature you can have all three phases of a substance at the same time coexisting. As in, water, ice, and water vapor all at the same time in equilibrium. Weird I know!

Check it out 

I remember learning about this in High School (Thanks Dr. Bah!) And even then it reminded me of God. That somehow He is 3 distinct people, yet He is one, and here we have in nature an example of that.

Cool huh?

Well of course that is not all. Today Janice and I had a chance to talk with some friends about this past couple years, and we kept talking about how hard it has been, and how good it has been. God seems to like paradoxes. Taking us through times of extreme faith testing, but during those times we often experience God's grace and love in extreme ways as well.

Check out this quote from Graham Cooke and his "Nature of God" teaching:

And Beloved, we are learning to live in the paradox of God – to know that He is consistent, but He is also unpredictable.  He is consistent in His nature – you always know where you are with God, but you seldom know what He is going to do next.  But you always know where you are with God because He never changes.

We will walk this line all our lives, the more we choose to follow God the more we will have to balance His consistent nature, and his unpredictable actions. 

But that is where the adventure lies 

So embrace this paradox of love, the hard and the good, because it is in THAT place that we experience ALL of God, in equilibrium, just like that triple point.

Happy Trails,


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