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Sunday, January 30, 2011

which came first?

Fellow travelers, 

We were cooking hot dogs over a fire this evening, and enjoying the glorious weather. As I was sitting there I just started to soak in the sights, sounds, and wonderful smells. And I began to wonder, do I like the smell of a fire because God made fire smell good? Or do I like it because it was made to smell good for me?

It got me thinking about tons of other things I enjoy as well, such as: I love looking up at the stars, the taste of popcorn, laughing with my friends, spending time with my beautiful wife. 
Normally I would just think that I like those things because of the way God made me. But I remembered the words of Jesus when asked about the Sabbath. He told the religious leaders that man was not made for the Sabbath, but rather the Sabbath for man. If God created something big like an entire day dedicated to rest and rejuvenation, just because He knows that we need it, then why not all these other things as well?
Doesn't it say, that EVERY good and perfect gift comes from God?

So it is not just happenstance that I like popcorn, or that I feel close to God when I look up at a starry night sky. And it is not coincidence that I love my wife. God created the world for Himself. He made us to interact and love Him, and we were made in His image. Therefore He knew exactly what to create that would bless and please us. WOW!
I like that.

Go out there and enjoy what was made for you!

Happy Trails,


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