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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Elijah Luke Whiting

Elijah Luke Whiting

Born to be free
Full of honesty
Bright eyed and hopeful
A ball of loving energy

Passion and grace
All in one place
Laughing and smiling
Joy on your face

Let me tell you why I love Elijah. He is light, brilliant, he can light up a room and bring joy to all who are in it. He loves people, and he wants to treat them kindly. He hurts when you hurt, and laughs when you laugh. His young heart grows with each new friend he makes. He is quick, and he can tell when you are trying to get away with less then the best. He is quick to pray, and quick to play, and I love that those rhyme ;) At 4 he is already showing glimpses of who God has made him to be, and I am in awe that God entrusts me with this precious life.

We Love You Son

Happy Trails,
Luke Father of Elijah