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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We can't walk straight...

Fellow Travelers, 

Before you read this, watch this video (if you have already seen it, then feel free to move on)

I don't know about you, but I found this story extremely fascinating. Not only is it random that as humans we are incapable of walking, swimming, or driving in a straight line without a point of reference, but I think it is a purposeful thing.

Speaking of purposeful:
I watch the State of the Union address tonight with my LifeGroup (a small group of friends who all love Jesus and each other, and who share life together). I will leave the political commentary to the commentators (its job right?) But I will say this, I was struck by something that I had never noticed before. Out of all the political partisan and bipartisan rhetoric there was one thing that EVERYONE in the room agreed on totally, when President Obama said that despite our differences and bickering, we all are happy to be Americans, and not in some other nation. And it hit me, I felt the emotions rise, and at the same time I felt a tug, something remind me that while I love America, this is not my hope. I am not waiting for the government to lead me down a straight path...
now the connection

You see we all HAVE to have something show us the way. If we don't, we walk in circles and end up walking into trees. For most people they look to their government, or some man-run institution,  for that point of reference. But God created that need in us, so that we would look higher. Everything changes, except God. He is the only light that does not fade, and He will not lead us astray. 

Ever since I saw this story, I have been in awe of how we all have a built in need for something to guide us, and not just in our hearts.

Something to think about as you go...where are you looking for your reference?

Happy Trails, 

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JaniceAileen said...

Love it. Well done! :)