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Friday, January 21, 2011

Work in progress

Fellow travelers,

I have been writing this blog for a few days now, and I am really enjoying the process. I find that I do better if I can say or write my thoughts out. I am an external processor, and so this is a great way for me to go through ideas and thoughts that have been running in my head.

That being said, I still feel like this is a work in progress. As you may have noticed some of my posts are a mixture of silly and serious, some short and sweet, some longer and less sweet.

What is interesting to me though is that I am finding some correlation between this blog and my life. I find that as I am getting older I am getting more predictable in some areas, and less so in others. Just when I think I got something figured out, it changes, and sometimes when I am ready for change, things stay the same.

Being a work in progress is an essential part of our walk with God I think. It forces us to rely on Him. It means that we can't comfortable and just watch life go by, if we want to have the full life God intended. I desire to live that life, and let me tell you, embracing that "work in progress" spirit can be tough. It implies that there is a goal to be reaching for, and that means you have to hold onto hope through it all, believe that where you are now, is not where you will be tomorrow. It is hard to see that sometimes, but I have seen enough lives changed and hearts healed to know that it is true.

So thank you for starting this "work" with me. I hope that as I grow so will my ability to share any wisdom, humor, or revelation I receive along the way.

Happy Trails!


JaniceAileen said...

Getting better. :)

Laura - Layers of Color said...

Thanks for the invite, Luke. Weird having it all "out there" isn't it? :)

Luke said...

Yea, but I think I am getting addicted