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Monday, January 17, 2011

Quick thought

Fellow Travelers

Isn't it interesting:

Sometimes we try to one up each other with our accomplishments, and sometimes we try to one up each other with our mistakes.

I have found myself trying to show how much worse I am at parenting. I had someone tell me they thought they let their kids watch too many movies, and I was like "We let our kids watch WAY too many movies", like somehow I am making them feel better by being worse...or opposite, I am showing how much more help we need, and that translates into Bonus Points!

Anyway, I am going to make this a short one.

Blessings on you all,
Happy Trails

oh and if you have a a video you think is awesome, please share it!

Here is today's is a song I wrote and played with my friend Maxwell Chapman...ENJOY!

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JaniceAileen said...

Have you seen that totally rad video about Charlie the Unicorn?