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Friday, January 28, 2011

There and Back Again

Fellow travelers,

As I was driving home from dropping Janice off at a hotel in Dallas  (so that I did not have to drive her at 3:00am to get to her flight tomorrow). I realized something...I really miss her.

I know, I know, that is not a truly revolutionary thing, but it is something that even though I knew, I had to learn it again. And that got me thinking...

How many things out there do "know"? Yet, we continually are having to re-learn them again. 
For instance, we constantly seem to forget how much we appreciate certain the garbage man (man, when he doesn't come, we REALLY miss him), or a close friend, or even a random co-worker we barely know yet their absence affects our world.

Point being, we seem to use much of our time re-learning things over again. Why? Why do we have this built in reset, its like after a little while things start to build up and our minds have to reset, and we have to hit it on the top, or blow into it...just make sure the connections are clean (those of you who had an original NES know what I am talking about). 

I guess if I had to make a hypothesis it would be this. By allowing us to forget things, that we know, it makes things fresh, as I was thinking about how awesome Janice is, it really made me want to see her, and now, as I wait until Tuesday for that to happen, it will make the reunion that much sweeter. So go God for that!

So if you are finding your life a little stagnant, maybe you need to relearn some things, go watch Princess Bride again and be laugh until you are mostly that book you loved (you know, that one you read in High School?).  Send your spouse on a nice vacation somewhere for a couple days so you can miss him/her (note: I am not suggesting you do this without their consent, that could get hairy)
Whatever you do, make sure you take time to enjoy it...because you never know when you will get to relearn it again!

Happy Trails,


Enjoy these Farsides I relearned

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