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Monday, January 24, 2011

What if?

Fellow tavelers, 
This is a is large...very large
When my brother and I were kids and we would start asking the age-old question: What if...? 
 What if I get sick? What if my teacher hates me? What if I don't like it? etc
My dad would always retort with this: 
"What if a battleship fell on your head?"
That usually got us quiet...because even though the answer to that is quite simple (you would die, in case you were wondering) it would remind us that "what if" is a tricky question, and usually pointless.

But today my mind was racing with thoughts and ideas, and many of them centered around things God could do...and I realized, the "what if" question could be very inspiring!

What if God brought complete healing to my family?

What if God cured my disease?

What if He provided all our support in a month?

What if I saw an entire nation saved in a day?

Thinking like that excites you! Those questions drive you to God, to ask Him for the impossible, to dream!
God loves a dreamer, He created us so that in our minds we can escape the "rules" we live in. It took dreamers to imagine going to space, or flying, or communicating with people half-way around the world instantly. And those dreams aren't even close to the amazing ones God has in store for us!

So the next time you find yourself in a slump, like a battleship has landed on your head and is keeping you down...start asking God the what if's, and dare to dream!

Happy Trails,



JaniceAileen said...

Interesting thoughts. :)

Anonymous said...

What IF.. yeah those uestions run through me as well . im prior NAVY back in the late 80's right now im national guard in africa. my what IF is WHAT IF I COULD GET BACK IN THE Navy. wow!! it be something i would take to and make my last few yrs my life..i remember the times when was in back then the places .. the fun we had.. at the time there wasnt women on active combatable ships. now .. there commanding them .. women are flying hornets off the carriers..

im stationed in Djibouti africa where we are on a NAVAL base . small one but its NAVY ran .. and i see the NAVY brass and enlisted every day .. it makes me think .. ( yeah . i could do it again ) so my what if is WHAT IF CHRIS COULD GO BACK TO THE NAVY .. well we gonna find out .. cause its my dream ... achors aweigh.